Community Planning


14422-14436 Old Mill Road
Lakeside Offices
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772

240-524-8413 or 301-952-3972


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During Covid-19, the Community Planning Division has created a cell number that is being answered by our Administrative Staff.  Please call 240-524-8413 or email staff directly.

Name Title Email Phone
Benton, Sarah Planner Coordinator 301-952-5597
Banham, Zachary GIS Specialist I 301-952-4371
Division, Community Planning     240-524-8413
Mierow, Karen Planner Coordinator 301-952-3026
Gravitz, Adele Senior Planner 301-952-4363
Greene, Jonathan Senior Planner 301-952-3652
Luckin, Zachary Planner 301-952-3571
Garnaas-Holmes, Erin Senior Planner 301-952-3551
Dodgshon , Adam Supervisor, Placemaking 301-952-3153
Reynolds, Kipling Division Chief, Community Planning 301-952-3972
Tewolde, Mussie GIS Specialist II 301-952-4293
Punase, Shubha Planner Coordinator 301-780-8312
Hartsfield, Christina Planner Coordinator 301-952-3410
Ruiz, Arnaldo Principal Planning Technician 301-952-4523
Rowe, Scott Supervisor, Long-Range Planning 301-952-3521
Stachura, Frederick Supervisor, Neighborhood Revitalization 301-780-8306
Green, David A. Master Planner 301-952-4797
Akins, Vanessa Special Program Coordinator 301-952-3134
White, Sam Senior Planner 301-952-4332
Franklin, Judith Principal Administrative Assistant 301-952-4225
Henderson, Tamika Principal Administrative Assistant 301-952-3646
Irminger, Wendy Program Manager, PAMC 301-952-3572
Lester, Thomas Planner Coordinator 301-952-3756
Sams, Daniel Planner Coordinator 301-952-3166
Tariq, Maha Senior Planner/ PALS Program Coordinator 301-952-5389
Umeozulu, Chidy Planner Coordinator 301-952-4198
Sams, Daniel MUTC Liaison 301-952-3166
McCray, Andrew Senior Planner 301-952-4737
Hyson, Kendra Senior Planner 301-952-2233
Calomese, Michael Senior Planner 301-952-3179
Byrd, Brian Planner Coordinator 301-952-3253
Dickerson, Garrett Planner 301-952-3671

Silver Springs, MD 20910

Silver Springs, MD 20910

Lakeside Offices 

14422-14436 Old Mill Road
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772