Missing Middle Housing

Logo for Prince George's County Planning Department Missing Middle Housing Initiative


The Prince George’s County Planning Department is exploring strategies to achieve a greater diversity of attainable, market rate housing options to meet the needs of Prince George's County's growing and diverse population. The Community Planning Division launched an initiative in 2021 to explore how more Missing Middle housing in the County can meet community needs and align with the County’s long-term goals. 

Missing Middle housing is defined as “a range of house-scale buildings with multiple units—compatible in scale and form with detached single-family homes—located in a walkable neighborhood” (Opticos Design). 

Through this initiative, the Planning Department will study constraints and opportunities in the development of Missing Middle Housing in Prince George’s County, propose strategies to support it, and create a Missing Middle Study and Pattern Book. The Pattern Book will provide a foundation for planning, designing, and creating development strategies for Missing Middle Housing implementation in locations that will be identified by the study.  More information will be added to this page as the project is launched.

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