School Programs

Program Requests

Clearwater Nature center offers curriculum-related programs for school groups as well as Community Outreach programs held at your location. For program reservations and inquiries, please email,, or call 301-297-4575.

Some programs held at Clearwater Nature Center may include an outdoor component. Please dress accordingly. Our auditorium can accommodate 40 people; larger groups can be divided.

There is no fee for walk-in visitors and self-guided tours except during special events. Large walk-in groups are encouraged to call first as we may have other large groups visiting.

School Programs (most programs can be modified for all grade levels)

Animal Encounters (Pre-K & Up)

Students learn unique, interesting, and fun facts about members from our live animal collection. The Animal Encounters Program can be adapted to focus on a specific animal population and/or topic (e.g. reptiles, insects, mammals, habitats, animal behavior, etc).

Discovery Hike (Pre-K & Up)

Let's go outside! We will take your group on a hike in our woods. This program is also flexible and can be specialized (e.g. sensory hike, creek hike, identification hike, etc). The creek hike is seasonal and only offered April-September.

Flora of the Forest & More! (K & Up)

Students will learn the unique characteristics of plants and how they are beneficial to us. Topics may include plant structure, photosynthesis, pollution, erosion control, natural cycles (water, carbon, etc), and how to "read" a tree. This program may also include dynamic movement in order to help participants understand the concepts being covered. Depending on the weather and educational goals, a hike can be included.

Geology (Grades 3 & Up)

This program explores all sorts of wonderful facets (pun intended!) about rocks and minerals. Topics may include the rock cycle, properties of rocks, Moh's Hardness Scale, types of rocks, land formations, etc.  

Habitats (Grades K & Up)

Students will learn about the 3 main types and components that make up a habitat as well as the 4 main biomes. We will discuss endangered habitats, how they have been affected by human activity and what we can do to help.

Owls & Pellets (Grades 1 & Up)

Learn about the characteristics of owls, identify bones and study how owls hunt, eat, and digest their food. Learn about owls, how pellets are formed, why they are important and more. Dissect an owl pellet and investigate what they ate. Get an inside look at food chains/webs and differences between owls and other birds of prey.

Scales & Slime (Pre-K & Up)

Meet some of our reptiles and an amphibian! Students will: 1) observe the life cycle characteristics of an amphibian, 2) describe the differences between a reptile and an amphibian, and 3) investigate and explore the behavioral patterns of reptiles and amphibians.

Important Program Information

  • If you do not see the program you want, give us a call and we will see what we can work out.  
  • Most programs can be held either at Clearwater or your facility, please contact us for more information
  • For programs, groups larger than 40 may be split into smaller groups. We will do our best to let you know ahead of time if we are planning to break up your group.
  • We have many wonderful places to eat lunch during your visit. Please let us know if you plan to have lunch while you are here and we will prepare the area accordingly. Cosca Regional Park (the park in which we are located) is also a wonderful place to eat lunch―and it has a playground!
  • Our programs satisfy some of the Maryland State Curriculum Science Standards. Contact us for more information! 


Programs presented at Clearwater Nature Center (minimum 10 people)

  • $3/person: Prince George's and Montgomery County schools.
  • $4/person: Schools in all other counties.
  • An optional simple craft can be requested for an additional $1/person.

Programs presented at your location (minimum 25 people)

  • $5/person: Prince George's and Montgomery County schools, day care facilities, etc.
  • $7/person: Schools, day care facilities, etc., in all other counties.
  • Craft option is not available.