November 2017



The Sustainable Future: Constructing a Food System that Restores Planetary and Human Health 

Our Guest Speaker, Mr. Benjamin F. Friton will be discussing how we can create the most ecological agricultural systems and communities ever devised. He will demonstrate some of the technologies that give us a glimpse into places that no generation of humans have ever been able to see and how we can leverage those technologies to better inform our decisions going forward. He will give examples of how biomimicry (mimicry of thriving ecosystems) in both agricultural systems and communities, will be the most important shift in dealing with every aspect of our changing climate… from desertification, disruptions & depletion of hydrology, climactic extremes & inconsistencies, food security, homeland security & impending global refugee crises, to the growing importance of producing nutrient dense foods while using less energy, sprays and additives in our ever degrading landscapes. He will describe how we can construct and incentivize a food system that restores both planetary & human health. 
Date Time Location CM
Wednesday, November 29 10:30 a.m. - 12 noon County Administration Building
4th Floor Boardroom
14741 Governor Oden Bowie Drive
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772

Speaker(s) / Instructor(s) Biography

Benjamin F. Friton
Benjamin F. Friton was born and raised outside of Washington, DC and advanced professionally in ecosystems sustainability, agricultural and natural resource conservation, and food equity among other fields. His interests over the years focused on the cultivation and implementation of agro-ecosystems that would impact and support future generations of the world that are food insecure. He went on to develop patented growing structures, including the growing pillar and the growing wall, which he helped to disseminate to densely populated areas in four continents. With the goal of helping to increase education and to enable hyper-local food resiliency for the most vulnerable populations, he co-founded a non-profit called Can YA Love. In his quest to find a means to create a self-perpetuating agricultural system and restore degraded land, he was mentored by Dr. Elaine Ingham and the Rodale Institute studying soil microbiology and biomimicry. In 2014, he joined “Forested” as a consultant, educator, researcher and soil ecologist. Forested is a 10-acre research-based food forest located in Bowie, Maryland, growing hundreds of species of edible, medicinal and otherwise beneficial plants without the need for irrigation or synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

Earlier in his career he served as a speech professional working with politicians, Heads of State, CEO’s, and philanthropic icons from around the world. Most recently he offers educational seminars throughout the year, serves on the Prince George’s County Food Equity Council, and lectures and speaks at agricultural forums and consults both domestically and abroad as often as his schedule permits. He currently resides in Maryland with his 7-year old daughter, Hope.

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