Transportation Planners Responsibilities

The Transportation Planning Section employs two separate teams to encourage efficient and effective delivery of the goals and objectives of the section. In addition, the section has a full-time Pedestrian/Bicycle Coordinator that is responsible for assisting in all aspects of active transportation planning. 

General Responsibilities

  1. Long-Range Planning Team
  2. Site Analysis Team
  3. Pedestrian & Bicycle Coordinator
  • The Transportation Planning Service (TPS) Supervisor provides technical assistance to the Long-Range Planning staff. He or she also represents TPS in outreach meetings with citizens and other stakeholders. TPS approval is required for all scope of services and billing for long-range transportation planning contracts. 
  • The Long-Range Team Lead represents TPS in organizational meetings with the Community Planning Division and delegates assignments to Long-Range Planners. Reviews all scope of services and billing for all Long-Range Planning contracts; supports Long-Range Planners in Planning Board or Council hearings/briefings when necessary. 
  • The Transportation Modeler manages the County's Transportation Planning Travel Demand Forecasting Model; serves as the liaison to the Department, County, and all external agencies. Assists the TPS Long Range Planners and Community Planning Division staff with the application of transportation demand modeling for long-range planning projects. 
  • The Long-Range Planner manages TPS long-range planning efforts and serves as a liaison and resource to the Community Planning Division. Reviews technical analysis associated with long-range community planning projects; represents TPS in outreach meetings with citizens and other stakeholders. Drafts all correspondence, final memos, or technical reports when needed.