Transportation Review Guidelines

Part 1

On October 11, 2012, the Planning Board adopted the Transportation Review Guidelines, Part 1 (PDF). For the first time, the guidelines include explicit consideration of transit, bicycle, and pedestrian facilities in traffic studies and provide incentives for transit-oriented development. The guidelines also document a number of processes that are outside of the procedure of preparing a traffic impact study but related to the process of reviewing roads and highways in Prince George's County. These include a number of standards to guide the layout of new developments, with many of these standards taken directly from the recommendations in the Approved Countywide Master Plan of Transportation.

Part 2

This document is Part 2 of the Transportation Review Guidelines. Transportation Review Guidelines, Part 2 (PDF) was adopted on May 30, 2013, to guide the determination of findings related to Council Bill CB-002-2012. This legislation requires a finding of adequate pedestrian and bike way facilities in the general plan centers and corridors.