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Crime Reporting

How do I report a crime?
In case of an emergency call 911. Please call 301-459-3232 to report anything that seems "out of place" or occurs at an unusual time of day.
Suspicious events to watch for and reporT INCLUDE:
  • Screaming, yelling, or fighting;
  • Someone peering into parked cars;
  • People in the park after hours (unless the park is designated for nighttime activities);
  • People loitering in the park;
  • The sound of breaking glass or any loud, explosive noise; and/or
  • Dumping of trash, yard waste, or construction debris in a park.
Information needed when you call:
  • What happened?
  • Where did it happen?
  • When did it happen?
  • Was anyone hurt?
  • Description of persons including: age, sex, race, weight, height, clothing, unique characteristics that help identify suspects
  • Description of vehicles including: license number, state, make, model, color

Fines/Traffic Violations

NOTE: Traffic violations written on a State of Maryland traffic citation cannot be paid at our office. Fine amounts and points are set by the State of Maryland and fines must be paid to the District Court.

Parking violations and municipal infractions (adult civil citations) for park rules and regulation violations may be paid by mail or in person. Payment by mail may be made by check or money order - do not mail cash. Payments made in person may be paid by cash, check, or money order.
Payments should be made to M-NCPPC <>  and sent or brought to: 6700 Riverdale Road, Riverdale, Maryland 20737.

Police reports

How do I request a copy of a police report?
Copies of police and motor vehicle accident reports on park property can be purchased from the Records Section at 6700 Riverdale Road, Riverdale, Maryland 20737, between the hours of 8 am and 4 pm for $5. Reports require a minimum of five days from the date of the incident or accident before they will be available to you.

Privacy Act restrictions apply to many reports, especially arrest reports. Only accident reports can be mailed. All other reports must be picked up in person by a "party of interest" (named in report) or his/her legal representative. For additional information, please call 301-429-5650.


How do I claim property/vehicles?
Found property is held for 90 days within the Property Section and may be claimed by calling 301-429-9885. Evidence property will not be released without the written authorization of the police officer or investigator assigned to the case.

Vehicles seized for drug activity or for evidence processing will not be released without the investigator's authorization. The investigator will contact the vehicle owner and advise him/her about release procedures. Vehicles impounded for any other reason are taken to the tow company's lot. Information about release procedures is available by calling 301-459-9088.


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Ride-Along Program

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