Plan Purpose

The Water Resources Element (WRE) will address the relationship of planned growth to the area's water resources. It is designed to address both wastewater generated by consumption and drinking-water supply. The creation of a WRE will assure that the comprehensive plan fully integrates water-resource issues and potential solutions into its overall planning mission.

Planning Practices

The WRE will show how water supplies, wastewater, and storm water runoff will be managed with regard to existing and future water resources and their limitations. That these planning practices ensure comprehensive plans are realistic and environmentally sustainable will be instrumental in providing a sound foundation to implement Smart Growth practices throughout the state.


The purposes of the Water Resources Plan are:
  • To ensure a safe and ample supply of drinking water from surface and groundwater sources and adequate treatment of wastewater
  • To improve data collection and promote the latest watershed planning processes to establish growth area boundaries, land-use recommendations, and preservation/conservation areas
  • To minimize the pollution of our water from the uses we employ on land
The water resources element of the comprehensive plan should answer the following questions for a county or municipality:
  • How will meeting these needs impact land use and growth boundaries?
  • How will storm water management practices protect water quality?
  • Is there adequate wastewater treatment and on-site sewage disposal capacity to meet current and future needs?
  • Is there adequate water supply to meet current and future needs?