Fairmont Heights High School

The (former) Fairmont Heights High School is front and center of an ongoing feasibility study that is evaluating potential future uses for this building and site that has been vacant for over a year. A PAMC* project to focus on market forces and real estate factors that could influence the adaptive reuse was initiated on July 19, 2018.  Seth Young and Rex Lloyd of STV, Inc. are managing the consulting services and have enlisted Partners for Economic Solutions (PES) to assist.  The staff team is managed by Maha Tariq, along with Thomas Gross, Tiffany Williams-Jennings, Bryan Barnett-Woods, and Dan Sams.  After the kick-off meeting with the consultants and planning staff, the team toured the facility.  This PAMC project will provide valuable analysis and input to the overall Fairmont Heights Feasibility Study.

* PAMC (Planning Assistance to Municipalities and Communities) is a program administered by the Community Planning Division of the Prince George's County Planning Department that brings planning services and expertise to the County's municipalities and communities through an application process. PAMC applications are reviewed twice a year. View/download application.

FHHS PAMC Staff Tour