2018 Speaker Series

January 2018

Retailer for Wellness: Helping to Build Healthy Communities

 The Plan Prince George’s 2035 Approved General Plan, has the following Healthy Communities Goal: Create safe, connected communities that promote active lifestyles and provide convenient access to healthy foods. The grocery store is a primary link to good health by providing good food options that promote a healthy lifestyle. As a long-standing member of the community, Giant Food is taking the next step to become a retailer for wellness, adding In-store Nutritionists and expanding Pharmacy activities. This presentation will provide insight on how a tour through the grocery store can help you integrate eight important steps to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

March 2018

Bringing Olli, the world’s first self-driving cognitive vehicle to National Harbor In Prince George's County, Maryland

Mr. David C Woessner,General Manager, Local Motors, National Harbor,  will provide an in-depth review of how Local Motors launched the Olli in National Harbor in 2016 and the journey that they have been on since launching their award-winning facility to bring self-driving vehicles to Prince George’s County, Maryland. Olli, a smart, safe, and sustainable self-driving electric shuttle, is poised to transform surface transportation as we know it. It brings increased efficiency to public transport, and can revitalize a neighborhood, optimize accessibility and mobility on a campus, or enhance a thriving Downtown. Mr. Woessner will discuss obstacles at both federal and state levels to launching new transportation technology, while also acknowledging the regulatory and governmental support they have received over the last two years. He will also discuss lessons learned along the way.

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