Birthday Party Packages

Enjoy a Patio, 4 Funbrella shade structures and 3 Gazebos for birthday party rentals for children 1 to 12 years old. Pool birthday parties consist of 2 hours in the rental area and unlimited swimming in the pool. Birthday Parties are offered only on Saturdays and Sundays from 1 to 3 p.m. or 4 to 6 p.m. Food and non-alcoholic beverages in plastic containers may be brought in, subject to be searched (refrigerator, freezer and/or ice is not available).

Rental Requirements

  • A SMARTlink account must be created.
  • The reservation fee and $50 security deposit must be paid at the time of the booking in full.
  • The security deposit will be returned to the client providing that you leave on time, leave the area clean and all rules and regulations listed on the contract were followed.
  • If the client has followed all rules, the facility will request that the deposit be refunded to the client.
  • For a deposit paid by credit card, the deposit refund will be issued as a credit to the credit card account unless a six month window has passed and the card number is no longer available due to credit card compliance standards (in which case a check will be issued to the account main contact). Refunds for credit card payments made after 6/1/17 may be processed via check due to a change in the registration software system taking place in Fall 2017.
  • For a deposit paid by cash or check, the deposit refund will be issued by check. A check refund may take 3 to 4 weeks to process. No cash refunds will be allowed.
  • Once the reservation is paid in full and confirmed, your birthday party list is due to the facility 48 hours in advance of your party rental date. If additional guests are listed then you must come in person to prepay for the additional guests or put the money on your SMARTlink account. The Party List can be emailed to Glenn Dale Splash Park or faxed to 301-352-8675.

Rental Fees

All fees most be paid in full at time of reservation.
Location Included Guests* Resident Fee
Non-Resident Fee
Security/Cleaning Deposit**
Funbrella 20 $175 $228 $50
Gazebo 10 $125 $163
Patio 30 $225 $293 $50


  • Funbrella: 20 additional Funbrella admissions can be prepaid for and be included on the Party List (Maximum of 40 guests)
  • Gazebo: 10 additional Gazebo admissions can be prepaid for and be included on the Party List (Maximum of 20 guests)
  • Patio: 20 additional Patio admissions can be prepaid for and be included on the Party List (Maximum of 50 guests)
Additional guest (including non-swimmers) must pay the general admission rate once guest list has reached the maximum allowed amount.
If the facility is at capacity only the individuals on the Party List will be admitted.
  • Adults: $6 Residents; $8 Non-Residents
  • Children: $5 Residents; $7 Non-Residents

**Security/Damage Deposit

$50 will be retained if failure to leave rental area free of debris, food, decorations, and trash. Otherwise, Security/Damage Deposit will be returned and credited onto SMARTlink account or can be refunded (per client's request). Please allow up to 3 to 4 weeks for Security/Damage Deposit to process and receive a refund.

Party Rules

  • Picture-taking and video-recording are restricted to your party area only and can only be taken of individuals in attendance of your party. The use of cell phones, cameras, video cameras, or any device containing camera equipment of any kind is prohibited in all locker rooms, bathrooms, and changing facilities.
  • Grills, Barbecues and other cooking devices are prohibited.
  • Costume characters, clowns, performers, radios/stereos, pinatas, and Disc Jockeys are prohibited.
  • Balloons are only permitted in the reserved area.
  • Failure to leave your location on time, free of debris, food, decorations and trash will forfeit the Security Deposit.
  • All reservations are subject to the Inclement Weather Policy.
  • Upon completion of the reservation, a list of party rules and regulations will be issued (no pinatas, only 1 lighted candle is permitted on the cake in the rental area, no glass containers and no cameras on pool deck during Splash Park parties).
  • Facility Management reserves the right to revise and/or establish additional rules and regulations at any time in the interest of the health and safety of our patrons and staff. All facility rules and regulations will be enforced.
  • Refer to your contract for cancellation details.